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Accessories To Buy For

New York Times best-selling author Sloane Crosley had a quote: “In every woman’s wardrobe, there are certain accessories that cannot be separated from their back stories.” This goes for men, women, and children alike. Our scarves, ties, watches, rings, and bracelets are more than adornments; they are the keeper of the familiar in an unfamiliar world. Our security blanket of sorts; my pink Pashmina has been on every flight I have taken since 1998. Ask any woman with a wrist full of bangles and she will tell you she has been wearing them for 10 years. Ask a man about his scarf or watch and he will be able to tell you who gave it to him and when.

Beyond the “accessory as keepsake” notion, the raison d’être of any great accessory is to be the accent of any outfit. For many who are time crunched, our wardrobes have become uniform-like—we find a style that works with no muss or fuss, but we can throw on a scarf, fab belt, or showy watch and be ready for our close-up. So, from making our outfits come alive to becoming part of our history, accessories are the gift that keeps on giving. I dare anyone to forget who gave you those warm slippers, crazy socks, or fur-lined gloves. Here on the shoreline, boutiques of every kind are bringing an urban edge to our New England sensibilities with fabulous accessories of every kind and for everyone. Before you go on your holiday hunt, take a quick look at our finds.




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