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Alligator Safety Tips

If you live in alligator country, be aware that spring can be a risky time. Year round, there are common sense precautions you can take to keep you safe. Here are some adapted from those suggested by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Never handle, tease, or feed alligators. Give them plenty of space. Be especially wary when working or recreating around water, which seems obvious but bears repeating.

—Pay attention to warning signs and heed the advice they give.

—Keep pet dogs and cats out of the water. Especially, do not swim with your dog. An alligator that intends to sample your dog may change its mind and try a bigger piece of the pie.

—When fishing or camping around alligators, dispose of fish scraps and other items that alligators may consume.

—If you are bitten, even slightly, seek immediate medical attention to ward off infection.

Image Credits: Illustration courtesy of Shutterstock

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