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Angie’s Jewelry & Gifts

This is an age of personalized living. We use a personal computer; we hire personal trainers; we consult a personal shopper. If we can, like Oprah, we have a personal dietician. And soon, along the Gold Coast of Connecticut’s shoreline, discerning fashionistas can have their own personal jeweler.

Angie Marvin of Angie’s Jewelry & Gifts in Old Saybrook is devoting her prodigious energy to private sales. She will no longer maintain the brick and mortar establishment on Main Street where she has been for over a decade, and where she has built a warm relationship with the community. And though she will continue to bejewel clients one-on-one, she says looking around wistfully and gesturing toward the window, “I’ll miss this place.”

A diverse mix of connoisseurs and friends who know and love the store feel the same. “I come in to help out a little, but mostly, I just like to be around Angie,” says Barbara, a longtime fan and client of Angie Marvin.  She wears a long necklace of cultured pearls and semi-precious stones—a piece designed by Angie—but, she confesses, she has lots more “Angie jewelry” at home.

Nearby shop-owners drop by, people come back to show off a recent purchase or to add to their collection, and Angie chats amiably, observing the diverse street life of Old Saybrook.

The atmosphere is neighborly and upbeat. It reflects Angie’s merry personality, and her passion for beautiful things is contagious. She travels the world searching for one-of-a-kind pieces, jewels, and semi-precious gems she can bring back to Old Saybrook. Her selection of pearls ranges from golden pearls from the South Seas, to pearls cultured by Akoya oysters in Japan. Nothing is ordinary.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Angie was not content to stay at home. With the typical curiosity and bravado of a teenager, she set out on her own at 17. She went to stay with her grandmother in Miami and began working at a local jewelry store. Before long, she opened her own shop, the first Angie’s Jewelry & Gifts, in 1990.

Angie wasn’t destined to stay in Florida. She met a handsome doctor who stole her heart, and she moved to Connecticut to marry him. She settled into breezy summers and the wintery wonders of New England. She also opened her second store, where she’s held court, shared her obsessions and spread a good deal of joy. “My customers aren’t just customers; they become family,” she says.

Those searching for something special to clasp around their necks or slip onto a ring finger would do right to visit Angie’s Jewelry & Gifts before her collection moves to private sales. There’s so much to browse, so much to choose from. Each piece an investment, each piece an individual commitment, and each piece uniquely yours.

Angie’s Jewelry & Gifts

252 Main Street

Old Saybrook, Connecticut



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