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Poem: Lost at Sea

Poem: Lost at Sea »

By: Joanie DiMartino

  “Mr. Howland overboard Oars were thrown then and waste boat cleared away... he went down before we could get to him.” —Logbook,... more

Poem: Hell’s Gates

Poem: Hell’s Gates »

By: Joanie DiMartino

  The smell of burning whale flesh stings the green hand’s nostrils bloody, even aloft he can’t escape it: smoke- laden sails he’s been... more

Poem: Dismantling the Try Works

Poem: Dismantling the Try Works »

By: Joanie DiMartino

“Watch employed Heaving the Try Works Overboard About 4 OClock PM finished & Washed Off Decks.” —Logbook, 12/11/1844, Charles W.... more