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Rediscovering South Norwalk

Rediscovering South Norwalk »

By: Rachel Precious

Hovering at a stoplight, overpassing the Norwalk River, I revel in the familiarity of South Norwalk and wonder what to uncover about this well-known... more

Sweeping the Sand

Sweeping the Sand »

By: Rachel Precious

We all enjoy and are proud of Connecticut beaches. It’s everyone’s job to help keep our coastline clean. What can you do? Host a small beach cleanup day... more

Stamford’s King School unlocks students’ potential

Stamford’s King School unlocks students’ potential »

By: Rachel Precious

In listening to Head of School Elect Karen Eshoo talk about Stamford's King School, her voice is brimming with passion and enthusiasm. It's easy to see why: in... more