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Blurring the lines between sculpture & fine jewelry

For 28-year-old jewelry designer and artist Nick DeDominicis, owner of Nick DeDo jewelry; art and sculpture are in his blood. After being drawn to art and creative expression his whole life, Nick decided to do some digging into his family’s past, which revealed many generations of sculptors in Fontanarosa, Italy.

“This just blew my mind when I found out,” says Nick who makes his living as a gold and silver jewelry designer. “It finally made sense, why I was so drawn to art and why sculpture felt so right to me.”

Nick changed his major in college from exercise science to sculpture and then discovered jewelry making. Now he incorporates his creative ideas into what he calls “miniature sculptures” on a daily basis. His unique jewelry designs can be found in stores throughout the shoreline and beyond.

“All my pieces are made from solid sterling silver and 14k gold,” says Nick, who started his jewelry business in 2016. Since then it has blossomed into a creative outlet for his artistic prowess that has allowed Nick to pursue his dreams, as well as learn new skills outside the design studio that he says he is enjoying.

“I always knew I would love making jewelry for a living, but getting into the business side of things has really been interesting to me and I am loving it,” says Nick with a smile.

Inspired by local landscapes, such as the panoramic view of the Connecticut River, offered from the dock at the Connecticut River Museum, and the off the beaten track backroads of rural Connecticut, that Nick explores as he takes flight on his motorcycle, Nick has come up with some very unique and stylish artistic jewelry pieces, such as his ‘Dock Necklace’ that have been well received in the Nutmeg state as well as beyond, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He says ultimately his goal is to become an international brand.

The DeDo brand embodies a commitment to preserving classic craftsmanship while designing modern, unique collections.

“I think my pieces are very cool. They are essentially 3D designs that are beautiful pieces of interesting art/jewelry and the fact that all the pieces are made from silver and gold makes them heirloom pieces that will last forever and can be passed down from generation to generation. I start with the finest materials on earth so that these pieces will be around forever,” says Nick.

Nick explains that his pieces are made in three different options, the first is sterling silver, the second is sterling silver with embellishments and the third is the addition of 14k gold. All of his pieces range in price between $60 and $500, nothing is above $500.

“I want to keep my pieces affordable and beautiful,” says Nick, who is supporting small town Main Street with his brand. “Our company believes in the brick and mortar stores (no online store) proudly supporting Main Street USA. Getting people out to shop and support their local business owners is something that is extremely important to me, that’s why my jewelry is not available online.”

Nick’s beautiful pieces have been featured in two Hallmark Channel movies, worn by actresses in Christmas at Pemberley Manor and Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane.

An Old Saybrook native, Nick says his business is a dream come true and he could not be happier with how things are going. He encourages people to shop local this holiday season and hopes that those looking for a piece of beautiful, fresh and inspired jewelry will pick up a Nick DeDo original.

For a list of stores that carry Nick DeDo go to nickdedo.com

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