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The House Cat’s Cousin; The Bobcat

The House Cat’s Cousin; The Bobcat »

By: Veronica Phobes

Most cat lovers know that their furry feline friends are still, after thousands of years of domestication, mostly wild animals, who exhibit many fierce hunting... more

Dryocopus Pileatus

Dryocopus Pileatus »

By: Mar-Li Colyar

Connecticut is home to 7 species of woodpeckers that live in forests, woodlands, orchards, residential areas, and city parks throughout the state. An... more

Smelly Truth About Skunks

Smelly Truth About Skunks »

By: Veronica Phobes

Always dressed to impress, in a natural suit of black and white, the North American striped skunk is the most commonly seen skunk here in the Nutmeg state.... more

Spotted in the Bahamas

Spotted in the Bahamas »

By: Sharon Bruce

While just over 60 pairs of Piping Plovers nest in Connecticut, one keeps making herself known. Piping Plover "Pink Flag 2E" first captured Audubon... more

The Sounding of Connecticut Tree Frogs

The Sounding of Connecticut Tree Frogs »

By: Veronica Phobes

They’re small, a little slimy, unassuming and fragile. Most don’t even take notice of them; they are the state’s most abundant frog species, the... more

Winter Means Bald Eagles in Connecticut

Winter Means Bald Eagles in Connecticut »

By: Veronica Phobes

Photo Credit: Canosa Photography Iconic and grandiose, the Bald Eagle represents freedom and flight, nature and life and thanks to massive efforts to... more

#GiveAFetch about yourself

#GiveAFetch about yourself »

By: Lyndsay Eliasof

Some studies show that people begin to feel less anxious after spending less than an hour with an animal. There are endless benefits from lowering your stress... more

Bee-Pocalypse Now (or Later)

Bee-Pocalypse Now (or Later) »

By: Bob Woods

This time, “They told us, “the end is here.” That's what the media hype machine warned us just a few years ago. Massive die-offs were decimating the... more

Beacons of the Macabre

Beacons of the Macabre »

By: Karena Garrity

Conjuring the creepy, perched high above, on the outstretched limbs of dead trees and the roof tops of desolate homesteads, during the hazy grey of dusk and... more

Swallow Synchronicity

Swallow Synchronicity »

By: Karena Garrity

Nature is most beautiful when it gives way to instinct, which is the impetuous for the magical occurrence which happens each year on Goose Island, just off the... more

Greenwich Polo Ponies

Greenwich Polo Ponies »

By: Lindsay Rizza

Nestled in the beautiful backcountry of Connecticut, Greenwich Polo Club was established in 1981 and is recognized as one of the elite high-goal polo venues... more

The Buzz About West Nile

The Buzz About West Nile »

By: Karena Garrity

It’s been super hot and super humid and the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus are loving it! According to Philip Armstrong, Director of the... more

Blue Crab Heaven

Blue Crab Heaven »

By: Staff

Global warming already has begun to transform Long Island Sound, according to many marine scientists, creating climate-change winners, like blue crabs,... more

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy »

By: Karena Garrity

A three rifle volley solute was fired, the solemn notes of Taps hung in the humid air and salty wet tears flowed freely during the celebration of life for... more

Older than Dinosaurs

Older than Dinosaurs »

By: Karena Garrity

For the past 445 million years, horseshoe crabs have been in existence, pre-dating humans, dinosaurs and pretty much life as we presently know it. However, in... more

The Beachcomber’s Companion: A beach bag essential.

The Beachcomber’s Companion: A beach bag essential. »

By: Lindsay Rizza

As we inch toward summer, here's something to consider. You might be astonished by the number of shell collectors who have no idea that animals created their... more

Your New Passport to Connecticut State Parks

Your New Passport to Connecticut State Parks »

By: Lindsay Rizza

A visit to Hammonasset Beach State Park, is more than just another day at the beach. As  Connecticut's largest shoreline park, it offers over 2 miles of... more

Sweeping the Sand

Sweeping the Sand »

By: Rachel Precious

We all enjoy and are proud of Connecticut beaches. It’s everyone’s job to help keep our coastline clean. What can you do? Host a small beach cleanup day... more

Red Skye Foundation

Red Skye Foundation »

By: Melissa Waldron

Ever heard of the ancient mariners' rhyme, 'Red sky at night, sailor's delight?' It refers to the color of an evening sky that predicts clear sailing the... more

The Audubon Shop, Madison. Endless supply of advice & tips

The Audubon Shop, Madison. Endless supply of advice & tips »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Jerry Connolly is among the luckiest of people. He has had two careers, both arising from avocations that he loved. Connolly nudged his boyhood passion for... more