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Guy Fieri at Foxwoods

Guy Fieri at Foxwoods »

By: Owen McDonald

America's favorite chef brings a bold new restaurant to the shoreline When was the last time you met a really nice guy? Could have been your neighbor's... more

The Clean Plate Club

The Clean Plate Club »

By: Lindsay Rizza

Do you have a young aspiring Jacque Pepin, Rachel Ray, or Guy Fieri in your family? Getting your picky eaters grades 1-5, ages 5-12, or excited enthusiasts... more

Mbar Mystic Cool Chocolate Mint Cocktail

Mbar Mystic Cool Chocolate Mint Cocktail »

By: Marisa Sabowski

Mbar Cool Chocolate Mint Cocktail By Marisa Sabowski, Bartender at MBar, Mystic, CT 8-10 Chocolate Mint leaves 2 oz Foggy Harbor Vodka (local from... more

Chef Matthew Bouffard of Chamard Vineyard

Chef Matthew Bouffard of Chamard Vineyard »

By: Owen McDonald

Clinton's Chamard Vineyard is home to true Lyonnaise dining When humans first potted wine around 11,000 BC somewhere along the Fertile Crescent, we can... more

Picnic Pointers With Summer Sizzle

Picnic Pointers With Summer Sizzle »

By: Leslie Singer

Local celebrity chefs gear up for culinary outings Be it the gear, the food, or the location, picnics are all about personal style. Whether it's the beach,... more

DIY Limoncello

DIY Limoncello »

By: Chef Ron Hook

DIY Limoncello Adding homemade zest to your summer bar A liqueur—intended to be sipped slowly after dinner or a compliment to dessert—is commonly... more

The Cocoa Cure

The Cocoa Cure »

By: Emily Cahill

The Cocoa Cure Upscale Connecticut chocolatiers reinvent confections From artisanal hot chocolate to handcrafted truffles, local cocoa connoisseurs are... more

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers »

By: Leslie Singer

Edible Flowers The Lotus Eaters were way ahead of the gourmet curve It's said that scent is the most powerful of the five major senses. Like clean... more

Bittersweet Symphony

Bittersweet Symphony »

By: Renée Allen, CSS, CSW, FWS

Tart tastes rock the world of cocktails—and wine, too Bitter spirits? Yes, that's a thing. And so are bitter wines. Actually, bitter beverages have a lot... more

Oyster Club Cooks Up Small Things in a Big Way

Oyster Club Cooks Up Small Things in a Big Way »

By: Owen McDonald

Oyster Club is cooking up small things in a big way It’s a lovely day in Mystic, Connecticut. Attractive people walk briskly through the cheery harborside... more