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Absolutely Adored

Absolutely Adored »

By: Gina Zammit

Each piece is hand painted Stepping into Le Rouge by Aarti feels like you’ve entered a ruby toned jewel box. True to its name, splashes of red can be... more

Agnolotti del Plin

Agnolotti del Plin »

By: Staff

... more


OKO-nomiyaki »

By: Gina Zammit

Housed inside the charming vintage fire house in Westport, there is a culinary legend, Chef Brian Lewis’ newest venture, OKO. OKO is an abbrevation of... more

Homemade Holidays

Homemade Holidays »

By: Mar-Li Colyar

The idea of potpourri that simmers on the stove all day and I am so glad I finally tried it! And especially that I tried it on a cold, winter weekend. I just... more

Jam-Packed Cookies

Jam-Packed Cookies »

By: Lindsay Rizza

Nothing could be more festive on the holiday table than a tray of these, buttery, confectioners' sugar-dusted, jam-packed Linzer cookies! Use your smallest... more

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Feast of the Seven Fishes »

By: Lindsay Rizza

Every year in the U.S., many people celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. Although it is unclear when the dinner became so popular, this... more



By: Lindsay Rizza

THE HOT TODDY CURES THE COMMON COLD. Chances are, you or someone you know had the bug last year, and you were probably looking for relief anywhere you could... more


Friendsgiving »

By: Karena Garrity

Friendsgiving is a term that found its way into American culture over the past two decades. For many, it's become a way to show thanks for their friends, as... more

Make Thanksgiving Local, Fresh and Nutritious

Make Thanksgiving Local, Fresh and Nutritious »

By: Karena Garrity

According to Connecticut shoreline based, registered dietitian and nutrition specialist, Dr. Holly Finley David, the most nutritious food is the food that... more

A hallmark of the Marche cuisine

A hallmark of the Marche cuisine »

By: Jackie Nappo

Paul Angelini has memories of Italian summers staying up all hours of the night with friends making and eating fresh pasta. Angelini moved from his hometown... more

Every Pizza has a Story

Every Pizza has a Story »

By: Karena Garrity

Transported to America via Italian immigrants, it’s a 32 billion dollar industry and a main staple in the American diet, a versatile, savory, well rounded,... more

Killingworth Cranberries

Killingworth Cranberries »

By: Karena Garrity

Tangy, tart cranberries are somewhat of a fickle fruit, requiring just the right conditions for growth, such as; an adequate, fresh water supply, a long... more

Garlic Breath

Garlic Breath »

By: Karena Garrity

Used worldwide, adding complexity and excitement to bland tastes, garlic is right up there with salt and pepper as a main staple in most pantries.... more

Head on out for dinner…. And BYOB

Head on out for dinner…. And BYOB »

By: Karena Garrity

Pack up your travel cooler with your favorite libations and head out to enjoy, friends, family and outdoor dining at one of the many Connecticut shoreline’s... more

The Wild Mushroom Hunter

The Wild Mushroom Hunter »

By: Sherri Daley

Perhaps your idea of a vacation is a river boat trip up Peruvian Amazon, disembarking to explore the dense rain forests with their towering trees and dripping... more

Handcrafted Cocktails at Alforno’s Trattoria

Handcrafted Cocktails at Alforno’s Trattoria »

By: Staff

... more

Mexican Marvels at Milagro Café in Stonington

Mexican Marvels at Milagro Café in Stonington »

By: Staff

Celebrating ten years in business, Stonington’s Milagro Café is a quaint Mexican eatery with authentic roots. Owner Martin Zavala hails from Mexico... more

Best Baker in America

Best Baker in America »

By: Karena Garrity

Eighty-one layers of hand-rolled dough, coupled with local butter, baked to perfection daily, create the crispy, flaky delicate crust, which gives way to the... more

More than coffee & crepes

More than coffee & crepes »

By: Lindsay Rizza

You can always find time for a cup of coffee on the Connecticut Shoreline. Perhaps a crepe or fabulous lunch entree, too? Located in the iconic Quonset hut on... more

Something’s Brewing in Chester

Something’s Brewing in Chester »

By: Karena Garrity

Look for the bright red door in downtown Chester! When you find it, you’ve found the Little House Brewing Company, which will be opening its symbolic door... more