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Against the Tide: Nicole Frechette

Against the Tide: Nicole Frechette »

By: Staff

Madison’s own Nicole Frechette is proving that country music can come from New England. She has a new record out and has recently shared bills with country... more

Meet the Owner of Elizabeth’s Cafe in Madison

Meet the Owner of Elizabeth’s Cafe in Madison »

By: Sherri Daley

Elizabeth Butler never really meant to open a restaurant. “I was selling life insurance and doing rather well, until a client asked me, ‘Is this what you... more

Retailers Face the Future

Retailers Face the Future »

By: Jeanniey Mullen

If you’re a Shoreline retailer, you’re also a publisher. And you’re also on the lookout for new opportunities. You might not know it yet. But you have a... more

Screen Test: Recreating the Art of Photography

Screen Test: Recreating the Art of Photography »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

Paul J. Toussaint isn’t your average photographer. What sets this Killingworth visual artist apart from everyone else with a creative vision and some kind of... more

Poem: Lost at Sea

Poem: Lost at Sea »

By: Joanie DiMartino

  “Mr. Howland overboard Oars were thrown then and waste boat cleared away... he went down before we could get to him.” —Logbook,... more

Poem: Hell’s Gates

Poem: Hell’s Gates »

By: Joanie DiMartino

  The smell of burning whale flesh stings the green hand’s nostrils bloody, even aloft he can’t escape it: smoke- laden sails he’s been... more

Poem: Dismantling the Try Works

Poem: Dismantling the Try Works »

By: Joanie DiMartino

“Watch employed Heaving the Try Works Overboard About 4 OClock PM finished & Washed Off Decks.” —Logbook, 12/11/1844, Charles W.... more

Poem: The Sea Washes Up

Poem: The Sea Washes Up »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

  Pawcatuck, Connecticut coast in March. The sea almost frozen in time—a wave Looming before My last conversation with you. High tide... more

Poem: Patty Joe of Stonington, CT

Poem: Patty Joe of Stonington, CT »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

She worshipped the sunlight from the end of the marina, The way the tide did tricks in the moonlight When the world heard the lullaby of sea drift, Knowing,... more

Poem: In The Absence of Yellow Sea Glass

Poem: In The Absence of Yellow Sea Glass »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

  I As a family, we followed the tide To Clara’s beach, Two weeks before The next chemical wave Would block the flow And swallow her... more

Poem: This Clove of Land

Poem: This Clove of Land »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  offers its shamrock luck to the awaiting shoreline; chartreuse and zaffer pigments blend from happy accidents— sable canyons open like a... more

Poem: Siesta

Poem: Siesta »

By: Amy Nawrocki

For many days rain fell in thirsty gulps. Following a long absence, the sun returned, weary from the long rest, waiting for the good wine of the... more

Poem: Guided Tour

Poem: Guided Tour »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  Memorize a few loose-leaf pages, note important dates with precision. Mention the children by name and explain the heritage of the highboy in the... more

Poem: Fleece of Goldenrod

Poem: Fleece of Goldenrod »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  If there’s sense to be made it’s to be made from the loose changes rattling around my pocket. The lint of the day floats quietly to the... more

Poem: Returning

Poem: Returning »

By: David K. Leff

  Driven to seasonal frenzy, alewives return year after year in hopeful frustration to the half-ruined concrete dam that once turned turbines and... more

Poem: Memento Mori

Poem: Memento Mori »

By: David K. Leff

  Among aisles of stones like file tabs of worn out lives are clockwork reminders of foreshortened time where every step seems a miracle. We fret... more

Poem: Last Night

Poem: Last Night »

By: David K. Leff

  Water shines like a time-darkened mirror gathering the last shimmering glimmers of day as light leaks over the horizon into a river grown brighter... more

Poem: Beachcombing

Poem: Beachcombing »

By: David K. Leff

Beachcombers are what they find, fragments of random striving and longing, lookouts for the hit-or-miss gamble of seeing something others have overlooked in... more

Poem: Simplicity

Poem: Simplicity »

By: L. M. Browning

There are days when Life is complex And I require some answer To the hows and whys That surround the mysterious forces At work in my life. And still... more

Poem: Deep Notes, Quick Pace

Poem: Deep Notes, Quick Pace »

By: L. M. Browning

  The despairing beauty of the music Causes us to lament life as we live it. The capture and loss of the moment —The bittersweet quality Of... more