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Wise Women Over 60 Speak Up

Wise Women Over 60 Speak Up »

By: Sherri Daley

“What We talk about” is a book of memories and anecdotes from women over 60, a project dreamed up by me and my college roommate Linda Hughes. The title? I... more

Seven People to Watch

Seven People to Watch »

By: John Gaffney

The seven people gathered here represent nominations from Coastal Connecticut readers as well as our own research. The criteria: Someone who represents the... more

Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting the Good Fight »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Most Thursday nights, Arthur Blair, 53, is on the mat at Green Hill Martial Arts in Killingworth, throwing around black belts and teaching them the intricacies... more

Robert Stone’s Victory Lap

Robert Stone’s Victory Lap »

By: John Gaffney

When the subject of “best living American novelist” comes up, Robert Stone is on the short list. As long as Philip Roth, Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, and... more

A Westbrook Farm Family and the Amazing Milking Devon

A Westbrook Farm Family and the Amazing Milking Devon »

By: Chris Pagliuco

  While crouched over on a wooden, three-legged stool milking his cow, Rosie, Westbrook farmer John Hall tells the story of how his father met his... more