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Coastal Tree Houses

Coastal Tree Houses »

By: Staff

Tree houses are all about friends and fun. That's why we're happy for our friends, carpenters James and Ryan McCarthy, for going out on a limb with their fun... more

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Let’s Go Fly a Kite »

By: Staff

"With tuppence for paper and strings, you can have your own set of wings." That's what George Banks tells us in Mary Poppins as he sings "Let's Go Fly a Kite."... more

Coastal Summer Jams (A Spotify Playlist)

Coastal Summer Jams (A Spotify Playlist) »

By: Staff

FM DJ David Fisch has a bold plan for making the summer last longer. On the more complex side it involves altering the Gregorian Calendar. Or you can just... more

The Return of Big Books

The Return of Big Books »

By: John Gaffney

“Summer reading” often comes down to unnerving medical thrillers, or crime novels where the dialogue is metabolized quicker than one of the mega... more

A Haunting Display of Art and Sculpture

A Haunting Display of Art and Sculpture »

By: Tom Soboleski

Great art can stimulate, inspire, and provoke. It can also portray history's human miseries in stark and haunting ways. Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum in... more

A local record label remakes the music biz

A local record label remakes the music biz »

By: Rob Marchese

With its DIY roots and unique sensibilities, local record label Twin Lakes Records seems perfectly at home in Branford, Connecticut. Yet its reach extends far... more

Hunting Tiny Sea Monsters

Hunting Tiny Sea Monsters »

By: Karena Garrity

Jacques Cousteau said it best: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” For years, the Maritime Education Network in... more

The White Elephant Sale in Old Lyme

The White Elephant Sale in Old Lyme »

By: Lindsay Rizza

A white elephant has symbolic meaning that differs depending where you are. In a widespread interpretation, a “white elephant” is an item that has no... more


Horseplay »

By: Sherri Daley

Teddy’s job is to help adults and children with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. He helps them learn trust, self-acceptance and confidence.... more

Phantastic PhotoBus

Phantastic PhotoBus »

By: Staff

Friends and neighbors gathered recently to kick off the Grassy Strip Music & Art Series, with the amazing Christine Ohlman and her band Rebel Montez.... more

Born to OutRUN (a Spotify Playlist)

Born to OutRUN (a Spotify Playlist) »

By: Staff

Madison native Elizabeth Shuman is the inspiration for OutRUN 38, a charitable organization started by her childhood friend, Nicole Crettella Burke. The goal... more


Stratford-upon-Housatonic »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

“We few. We happy few. We band of brothers, for he today That sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother.” -William Shakespeare; Henry... more

Against the Tide: Brett Elliott

Against the Tide: Brett Elliott »

By: Owen McDonald

Brett Elliott makes theater happen. He parlayed a gig managing his high school’s new auditorium at 18 into a theater degree from Michigan’s Saginaw Valley... more

Miss-Beehiving With Christine Ohlman

Miss-Beehiving With Christine Ohlman »

By: Owen McDonald

Shoreline native Christine Ohlman is, by turns, an artist, icon, and respected musician. With her trademark blonde beehive and Roy Orbison shades, Ohlman has... more

One Man’s Cancer Odyssey, Part 4

One Man’s Cancer Odyssey, Part 4 »

By: John Gaffney

An excerpt from the memoir, Bad Blood.  If you’re looking to get silly You better go back from where you came Because the cops don’t need... more

Yale Storm Study Shocker

Yale Storm Study Shocker »

By: Bob Woods

It’s hurricane season – that time of year when shoreline residents worry about whether the Next Big One is going to hit. It turns out that some of us worry... more

Requiem for a Reporter

Requiem for a Reporter »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Episode 16, season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead: zombies swarming an abandoned car, fingers clawing at doors; faces, hideous with rot, plastered against the... more

Shoreline Online Libraries

Shoreline Online Libraries »

By: Paul Adler

No longer simply repositories for books, shoreline libraries now offer adults and children alike everything from instruction on the use of cutting-edge... more

Mystical Animal Sightings

Mystical Animal Sightings »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

I've been fortunate to witness some fairly mystical animal sightings around the planet. Those I want to see usually turn up with little effort on my part. Once... more

The CSA Kitchen: Organic Cooking

The CSA Kitchen: Organic Cooking »

By: Karena Garrity

Community Support Agriculture (CSA) produce adds another dimension of flavor when cooking. If you’re fortunate enough to get some CSA items, try these great... more