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Catchable By Any Duffer

It’s the fight not the flavor, that makes fishing for bluefish so exciting!

When the water begins to churn with activity and the sea birds gather for an easily picked meal, it means the bluefish are here and the fishing will be good!

Late August is a great time to fish for bluefish, in the coastal waters of Connecticut and few things excite a true bluefish fisherman like the fury of commotion that is created on the water’s crest, as a school of Bluefish passes underneath.

“You know when they are there and that’s when to go for it,” says Saybrook based angler Ben Amerol.

Amerol uses a variety of different techniques to land bluefish, ranging from trolling with umbrella rigs, to casting from the shore with a lure.

“Bluefish give a really good fight, which is what makes them so exciting to fish for,” says Amerol who is not really a fan of the oily taste the saltwater fish yields. “If you get four bluefish on an umbrella rig and you are fighting that into the boat it can feel like you are landing a small shark. It’s fun!”

Agreeing, Captain Seth Megargle, who runs a charter fishing business from his boat “Otter” out of Pine Orchard Marina in Groton, says that bluefish are a good fight.

“Now is a great time to go fishing for Blues,” says Megargle, who feels like bluefishing is not like it used to be off the coast of Connecticut.

“It’s been about four years since there has been really good bluefishing here, I can’t really say why,” says Megargle.

However, even though past years have had a higher yield of fish numbers, Megargle says there are still Blues out there to be caught and they always make for a fun time on the water.

He cautioned that if you are catching bluefish to eat, make sure to put them on ice and bleed them out. “That’s the best thing to do for eating them,” says Megargle, who has been a captain for the past decade and knows his way around area waters quite well.

Per state law fisherman can only keep ten bluefish at a time; there is no weight limit, just a count limit.

“The usual size of the bluefish we catch is three to five pounders,” says Megargle who uses a variety of different strategies to the catch bluefish including live bait, dead bait and lures. “They aren’t picky, they will eat just about anything when they are biting.”

His favorite time for bluefish fishing is from the Fourth of July right through October, after that he says the fish move on south to warmer waters.

“Bluefish are fun, easy fish to catch, which make them a popular fish. They don’t taste great, but its more about landing the fish and the excitement of the catch than it is about the meal they will supply. That’s why most people fish for them, not really to eat them. It’s more for the sport of fishing,” says Megargle.



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