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Coastal CT Mom – Easter Steeped in Tradition

Church, bonnets, egg hunt, some sort of souffle, kid’s consuming jelly beans in excess, adult’s losing count of mimosas.
Oh, Easter. Having pulled off this holiday party in a pinch for years now — I have to recommend a few short-cuts and treats to hosting this year.
In our family, each year my husband dredges up this totally, horrifying Easter Bunny costume that’s tucked away under our stair case.
You know the kind….Alarmingly huge head, those giant, googly eyeballs. The kind you see in Facebook pics posted in your feed — and you truly feel for the flipping out baby perched on it’s lap. This creepy caricature could in fact shake, even a grown man’s soul. Yea, my hubs suits up in that.
A ninja like operation, he times it to a tee. Receiving a “go” text from the adult driver just down the street, soon to be pulling up with a van full of kids eager to hunt for eggs.
As the kids arrive in the driveway… the creature keeps his distance, then scampers across our lawn with such speed and agility. Never breaking character.  So fast and convincing in fact, the children are never quite sure what they just witnessed?  The Easter Bunny?
Could it be?
The kids sprint after, but they are no match for the carefully choreographed exit around the side of the house.  Chucking the head, the fury suit, the bow tie and the booties…into a staged giant bin… and just in time.  As the kids catch their breathe to round the corner, they simply find a slightly sweaty Uncle Andy, sipping his beer, and frantically pointing in the opposite direction, “I saw him! I saw the Easter Bunny! I’m telling you kids, he went that way…” and the kids… sprint… that way.
 The day is followed by a buffet brunch, and adorable egg hunt featuring cousins, and close friends like family.
Here’s are some of my tricks of the trade to make this holiday YAY!
Party in a box: Guilford’s Fresh Market offers a to-go box full of ham, several sides, and dessert to boot. Feeds 10, for $60.
It’s not a party without a mimosa bar: 
Pick up three exotic juices (think guava, strawberry, kiwi)
Three fresh fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
To mix: grab couple giant bottles of prosecco for the adults, and clear seltzer for the kids.
Buy disposable plastic cups if you don’t have flutes and/ or to cut down on cleanup.
It’s a good looking, fun, and simple crowd pleaser.
-Double it:
However many eggs you were planning to boil, double it.
I’ve literally never seen a leftover deviled egg in my life.
You know the drill, boil, peel, slice in half.
But, in a simplifying twist, try popping the yolks into a gallon-sized plastic bag.
Spoon in mayonnaise and mustard to your liking.
Seal the bag, and crush up the contents, take a rolling pin over it, if you like.
Cut a tiny hole in the bag’s corner.  Use like a pastry bag.  Brim the whites with your filling.
Over your finished product sprinkle cayenne or paprika.
Top with a variety of tasty treats like bite-sized crispy bacon, miniature pickles, sliced radish, and carrot shavings.
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