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Coastal Moms Everyday…. Keepin’ it REAL.

There are so many different reasons why we wanted to share through a more familial channel. In a world where things can sometimes feel dark and uncertain, we find ourselves wanting to be a light. Now it’s our time. Time to put it all out there, and connect with the ones we hold true to, our Coastal Mom tribe. When we share an article, we share a piece of ourselves. A leaf of knowledge, that will hopefully be picked up by some soul and treasured. For it’s what they are seeking. Whether it be truth, life, authenticity, it could be anything; just something you can connect to. Connection is the most wonderful vehicle for love and emotion, to us. Yes, it can become negative, but only until you let it. Togethers we will bring the light, not the darkness.

Coastal Mom will be a place of judgment free advice, findings, and lovely tidbits of community found throughout the Connecticut Shoreline, where we three reside and grow our families. A place we call home. There will be a collection of Moms throughout the area sharing carefully curated information to give you the best of the best our coast has to offer. We pride ourselves on our New England roots, the love of our community, and couldn’t be more proud to stand beside each other and start this amazing journey of camaraderie and inspiring community over competition.

So enjoy with a mug of jo, tea, or your favorite libation, and get ready for some Coastal Mom.

Come visit and show us some love on Facebook at Coastal Connecticut Mom, and Instagram at coastal_ct_mom! We cant wait t hear from YOU!


Your Coastal Moms,

Audrey, Kim, and Lindsay

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