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Coastal Spotlight: Ian Perry, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc, Guilford CT

Buying a home is a dream come true and for some a challenge. Coastal Connecticut recently sat down with Ian Perry, Divisional President at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc, Guilford CT.  Ian Perry and his team have become a resource throughout the community and are spreading some insight into their process for home buyers.  And when providing mortgage financing for a new home may be seen by some as just a job, to the PRMI client, it is the realization of their dreams. It is their home.

Ian Perry has enlightened us, not only in the progressive care offered by Primary Residential Mortgage Inc, but about their business philosophy.

CCM: Tell us a few things about you? What makes you tick?

What makes me “tick” in business is helping people reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Whether it’s a first time buyer (of any age!), someone purchasing their retirement home, or anything in between, the joy of helping my clients put it all together is richly rewarding.

I currently reside in Guilford, CT with my wife, Tina and three beautiful children, Dylan, Cooper and Colby. We enjoy spending time as a family, traveling, boating and golfing. I have lived on the CT shoreline my entire life and couldn’t have chosen a better place to work and raise my family.

CCM: Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?

I am equally comfortable with first-time buyers as with experienced borrowers purchasing high end luxury homes. Clients have the same basic needs; they want honesty, accountability and communication. I pride myself on providing all three.
Borrowers need to understand that sometimes the best rate is not the best deal. Discussing their short and long term financial needs and coming up with options that best suit their plans is essential to me and my team.

CCM: What should I look for in a mortgage lender?

Here are the factors I feel you should consider when choosing a lender:
1 – Experience – What resources are available to them? A knowledgeable loan officer can custom fit a finance package to perfectly suit your individual needs and insure that the process is easy and painless.
2 – Resources – Where is their office? Where do they process the loans? Where do they underwrite their loans? In-house processing and underwriting is key. It dramatically decreases the chances of delays. Having everyone involved under the same roof allows better communication regarding your loan, quicker turn around and less hassles.
3 – Do you have references? – If you were referred to a lender by a relative, a friend, a realtor, an attorney or any other trusted party, you are headed in the right direction. In my opinion, trusting your personal information to an online entity in an undisclosed location that has no connection to you or yours is not an intelligent manner in which to proceed with one of the largest financial transactions in your life.
4 – Communication – First impressions are important in all aspects of life. The initial conversation with a lender is key. It will set the pace for the rest of your relationship. Did they respond in a timely manner? Did they take the time to find out what is important to you? Did you feel comfortable speaking with them? If they are not responsive to your needs imagine how the rest of your relationship will go!!

CCM: Any closing thoughts?

A home is one of life’s most important purchases. Although intricate, the mortgage process does not need to be cumbersome or complicated. If handled properly by a seasoned professional, it can be the enjoyable and rewarding event it is meant to be.

Basically, provide excellent service from start to finish. I believe that Customer Service is an attitude, not a department.

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