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Designer Donuts

It’s donut time! The sweet, easily edible, handheld, timeless breakfast food are trending now as cupcakes have in the past. Infusing the favorite morning pastry with frostings, drizzles and savory toppings, the donuts of today are making a food statement and it starts with the letter Y and ends with UM!

Coastal Connecticut residents can get on the designer donut bandwagon by visiting Jodi Burn’s Blazing Fresh Donuts, located on Church Street in Guilford.

Stepping off the Wall Street train and into small business ownership, Burns had a donut while on vacation in Delaware and it literally changed her life. It took her just 12 months of planning and designing to get her new donut shop, which is situated on Guilford’s iconic green, up and running. Opening its doors in July, the newbie eatery has already made a name for itself as the go to place to get a mouthwatering, one of kind, made to order donut, designed uniquely for your individual taste buds.

Starting with the signature, premium, vanilla cake donut, customers get to watch the creation of their fresh delight being made right before their eyes hot, fresh and ready for whatever toppings are chosen. Starting with the frosting choices, which include the go to vanilla and chocolate, as well as, stellar originals such as peanut butter, cinnamon sugar or glaze, customers then get to choose a topping from a long list that includes fruity pebbles, shredded coconut, crushed graham crackers or chopped bacon amidst others. But, that’s not all, topping off the toppings there are delectable drizzles, which elevate the donut to a whole new level. These drizzles include salted caramel, marshmallow and hot fudge, as well as others.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, don’t worry there is also a wall menu of fan favorites to choose from like the smores donut, the cereal killer, the fluffernutter, the maple bacon, the raspberry lemonade and many more. It’s like choosing ice cream from a premium shop except this scrumptious treat is warm and freshly made.

“I think donuts are meant to be eaten warm and fresh,” said Burns, who also does catering with her donuts, including bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties for all ages at the donut shop.

“It has been so fun, so far,” said Burns, who is delighted by the success of her new business. “I love being creative and being able to make people happy by inventing new donut flavors is a wonderful experience.”

Burns is already looking ahead and has plans of delving headfirst into the fall season with once a week specialty cider donuts, complete with fresh chopped apples as a topping choice. In addition, following suit of the rest of New England, Burns has plans of introducing an exceptional pumpkin spice streusel donut topping, as well as, scary Halloween pumpkin toppings. There will also be holiday-themed donuts in December and when February and March roll around there may be room on Burn’s menu for some exclusive girl scout cookie themed donut delights.

“I have a lot of ideas and I am having a great time experimenting and coming up with new taste creations and specialty flavors all the time,” said Burns who encourages everyone to come down, try a freshly made warm donut topped, drizzled and frosted with your heart’s delight, or a taste of one of the fan favorites on the wall of donuts.

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