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Fisch On.. A DJ’s Choice Summer Playlist

It’s finally summer… sun, sand, and concerts!

Here are some tunes to tailgate too.

1.  Killers – The Man… It’s all about that swagger – but not like a pirate, more of an own your life thing!

2.  Foo Fighters – Run… Loud, energetic, and all about calamity. Sounds like a good time!  Their new album called Concrete and Gold on the way at the end of summer!

3.  Billy Raffoul – Driver.. .He’s almost too young to be this soulful and gritty.  When you hear his voice, he sounds 55 (not 17!)

4.  Bleachers – Don’t Take the Money… The top producer in the biz Jack Antonoff (formerly of Fun) has another fight for what you love anthem on his hands

5.  Kings of Leon – Reverend… A gritty tune about a country singer (Blaze Foley) who died too young. No regrets

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