Great Connecticut Homes: An Oasis in Killingworth

Great Connecticut Homes: An Oasis in Killingworth

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Joe Karban lives what would many people would call “the life.” He runs a major fashion house in NYC surrounded by the trappings, excitement and color that you might imagine. The frenetic pace of his workweek and that “life” is in stark contrast to the calm oasis he has created for himself in Killingworth.

The house is a mixture of form, function and whimsy: a combination that makes the space as cozy is it is elegant. Every picture, every book, every object has a story: “something might look good, but if it doesn’t feel good, its not going to work.” The home is his passion and the canvas in which he plays. He calls it his ‘hobby house’.

The interior is designed like a series of vignettes connected by color, shapes, textures, light and angles that give little glimpses into each room seemingly from any other angle in the house. The uncovered ceiling to floor windows allow light to stream in by day and view moon and star lit skies at night. “In the city you are always shutting yourself in, here the outdoors and indoors are one.”

The shoreline area is where he mostly hunts for his finds, or as he says, “they find me. I don’t look at a room or a wall and say I need to fill it. Things find me, I take them home and say, now what?”



Image Credits: Photo by Susie Cushner

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