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Guilford Mooring Finds New Life After a Total Reboot

The Guilford Mooring might be barely recognizable these days.  Yes, it’s still situated in the same stunning location, adjacent to the Guilford Marina, just a short drive from the center of town, but that’s about the only remaining vestige.  Nearly every other facet of the restaurant has changed.  And for the better!

Over three and a half days this past spring, consultant Jason Carron oversaw extensive renovations, helping to transform what has always been a Connecticut shoreline staple into something truly spectacular: a wonderfully inviting space that is every bit elegant as it is family friendly.  New paint and flooring and seating aside, Guilford Mooring has evolved into what might very well be one of the area’s finest dining experiences.

The completely revamped menu boasts an eclectic mix of wholesome American entrees.  And though the Mooring certainly specializes in fresh seafood dishes like the Pan Roasted Salmon prepared with a summer glaze and served with Citrus Jasmine Rice and Roasted Corn and Blackbean Salsa, they have added an assortment of delicious steaks to their bustling menu.  For those who wish to add some turf to their palate, try the Bone In Ribeye, an 18 oz Ribeye served with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.  All steaks use Brandt Natural Beef, the very best corn fed, antibiotic free beef source.

“You can’t get meat this good in a steakhouse,” says one enthusiastic diner as he devours his NY Strip, another hearty and popular entree on the Mooring’s menus.  “Not to mention the price, which is a steal.”

The Guilford Mooring’s niche may be that they’re not searching for one.  They don’t need to.  They have quite literally become jack of all trades…master of all!  Whether it’s seafood, steak, atmosphere, an affordable children’s menu, or enough local craft beers and creative spirits to keep the party going, the Mooring has something for everyone.

“We’re very pleased with our progress,” says Carron, head of not only the renovations, but the day-to-day operations as well.  “It’s exciting to see how people are responding to the many changes we’ve made.  They’re really enjoying themselves, which is exactly what our aim has always been here at the Mooring.”

And the enjoyment is anything but seasonal.  Though the Mooring is certainly the perfect setting to kick back and unwind during those long summer days and nights, it’s just as ideal during the rest of the year.  Guests can cozy up with a glass of wine near the gorgeous stone fireplace during the winter months, not to mention enjoy a constantly evolving menu throughout the year.  Sporting pretty views of the Sound as well as a capacious dining space, the Mooring is also a terrific place for that business luncheon, private holiday party, or special family gathering.

“I think we’ve really created something special here,” Carron muses proudly.  “It’s exactly how we envisioned it: great food prepared by an expert chef served by a friendly waitstaff with beautiful scenery all around.  What else could I ask for?”

The simplicity of this winning formula is belied only by the ambition that went into refurbishing an already beloved shoreline restaurant.  Yet the efforts more than speak for themselves.  Stop by Guilford Mooring to check out phase two of what just might be one of the most pleasant dining experiences around.

Menus, hours, and specials can be found on www.guilfordmooring.com.

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