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Holiday Crafts for Kids

When hosting the holidays Momma’s can feel like a overwhelmed, hot mess express. Whether your headed out the door, or having the family over, we all need a little help from our friends! Pulling together all the tidings, all the while our cherubs run high on the sugars of the season, Coastal Mom hears you and we thought of some fun activities to do!

A dear girlfriend of mine, Crystal Langer, awesome Mom to four amazing little souls, runs her own fabulous blog, The Landscaper’s Wife, and she clued us into a MUST do during the holiday season. No Bake Cinnamon Ornaments! Crystal, the fab mom/blogger, swears the smell of the house will bring instant Christmas to all who seek!

Another great idea from Audrey’s childhood were Pomander Balls. These brought me right back to the smell of those cloves and cut of citrus. Making them with loved ones and hanging them wherever will bring you back to the nostalgia of your childhood and the magic that this season brings! Check them out here.

Ensuring Santa will make it to your home, Reindeer Dust has been must have for us since my fabulous Mother in Law gave us this great idea! Give it as a gift, and keep a little for you to sprinkle on your lawn! A magically simple mix of oats and glitter will surely attract the attention of Santa’s special reindeer and a little extra magic for your angels who will always believe.

Or if your are feeing extra daring why not rock some finger print art! Grab a white dish towel, canvas, whatever medium you’d like and go nuts. Want some extra brownie points with the Paw-Paw and Nana’s then craft the perfect keepsake and give the gift that will touch their heart.


So go on and enjoy the holidays with your titles and include them in making some unforgettable memories. Maybe those memories you can share with the ones you love. Who knows the new traditions you’ll begin!

Happy Holidays,

Coastal Mom’s

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