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I would love to start a movement were we show our real selves, and of course hashtag #keepinitreal for good measure.

Life in general lived on social media to some degree calls for some real ness. Although, many would argue there is a facade going around perfection. A demand for something tangible for us all to connect to more than the facade is the white elephant waiting to be exposed. When we see something we can connect to we bask, commiserate, and even high five.

No sugar – coating the meltdowns, the whines, the ‘but Mom’s.’ It’s raw ladies, and it’s very present. It’s REAL.

So why don’t we embrace the reality? Why don’t we consume ourselves in it until our fingers get a little prunie (as my kiddos call it after their tubby time).

I find myself in a constant charade of games figuring out what each kids needs are, and as best I can. I for sure don’t have all  the answer, but I do know I have a love for my children, and a burning inside me that will never go out. Even after my body has found it’s expiration date on earth, the fire inside will live forever for those I love. With that, let’s throw off the veil society feels we need to put on of perfection, and own our Lula dripping with drool, cookie dough, and maybe a little of last nights dinner.

Yep, let’s keep it real ladies. Here’s to cheers, high fives, and offering a slice of REAL pie!



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