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Local Wheels: Check Out This Gorgeous 1953 MG Convertible

There’s something about the Shoreline that attracts classic cars and car collectors. One of them is Bob Paulson, a Killington resident who recently won best-in-class for entering his 1953 MG TD convertible at the Madison British Wheels On The Green car show in October.

Paulson comes by his vintage ride through his father-in-law. As a young man in New Haven, John B. Ford bought the car simply because he needed one in 1960. After moving to Hamden,the car was relegated to the garage where it rusted. Eventually Ford reconnected to his MG and, along with a few friends, renovated it. He passed away recently.

Now Paulson treats his MG as if it’s in the family. “You know I’m not really a car person, but I took a look at this car and I fell in love with it,” he says. “I guess there’s just an older crowd here on the shoreline and they love their cars. You know this car it’s not so comfortable, but it looks great. MGs are a different animal.” Different enough to win more than a few shows.

And no, it’s not for sale.


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