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Look Good Wet

Living on the shoreline doesn’t mean dressing for every season. It means having enough clothes for all the variables during every season. And so it goes for those of us brave enough to be part of the shoreline weather moods, we take the weather
 for what it is. And what it is, is always 
changing. Dare any of our chic pals in
 Los Angeles or Florida who gloat in the 80-degree perfection to trudge through the snow and look good doing it. We love the seasons, how beautiful the snow looks, and having fun by the fire. And good for us our local retailers are keeping our weather challenges in mind with merchandise that meets all the criteria for form meeting function. As my Aunt Betty used to say, “Poverty is no excuse for bad taste.” Neither is weather. We can now agree that getting shoreline wet is no excuse for not looking fabulous.

Image Credits: Photo by Moya McAllister

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