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Making new Mom friends

Being a Mom is actually a beautiful thing.  A built-in support team, content in their crew, strong in history.

But it’s tough if you’re the new mom…

the out of town mom,

the weren’t born and raised here mom…

the living where my husband grew up or works mom…

the I have no friends in Connecticut mom…

the I’m far away from my own mom, mom.

If that’s the case – here’s a list of some great resources for moms, to meet moms and forge new friendships, because friendship really is the lifeblood of this mothering gig.

Mastering Motherhood out of Madison is a ministry designed specifically to meet the needs of mamas. There are more pressures than ever on mamas in a performance driven, high tech, do it all and do it perfect society. Mastering Motherhood offers a reprieve from the hectic and demanding world of motherhood through faith, food, fun and friendship.  Every week there is free childcare, an incredible brunch, professional speakers, and parenting and women related small group book studies.

Tee Yoga Studio has a revolving schedule of offerings but has extended a mom and baby yoga class in Branford during certain seasons.  Meet mama’s with new babies who are getting out of the house, and getting limber.

Connecticut’s famous independent book store RJ Julia hosts events every month– best selling authors lecture and sign their works.  A fun way to meet like-minded moms who love to learn.  Make friends at an event then share a java at teh attached bistro.

Connecticut Family Support Networks for parents raising children with disabilities meet across Connecticut monthly and offer a variety of educational and social opportunities. Network provides advocacy, referrals to state agencies, moral support, training opportunities relevant to parents raising children with disabilities, and a connection to the legislature.

New York Times dubbed Peanut App “the app for mothers who missed out on tinder!” It’s a great way to meet moms with similar interests and schedules.

Hello Mamas was founded by Meg, Julia, and Christa – three very different moms who each experienced challenges when it came to finding mom friends.Realizing this was a global problem, we formed a team to create an amazing web app designed to take the stress out of finding local moms, making friends, staying social, and planning

CTworkingmoms.com touts suppport, stereghth, and sisterhoof.   their website says it’s an online community for women balancing work and family life in Connecticut. The website provides critical resources and information ranging from pregnancy and child-care to health and nutrition.

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