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Mexican Marvels at Milagro Café in Stonington

Celebrating ten years in business, Stonington’s Milagro Café is a quaint Mexican eatery with authentic roots. Owner Martin Zavala hails from Mexico City—the source of his many delicious recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

“These recipes are very special to me,” Zavala says with pride: “They come from the heart.” He co-owns Milagro with his family, and paid his dues as the best owners do: He worked from the bottom up.  “I’ve worked in restaurants as long as I can remember,” says Zavala, owing a particular debt to a busy ten-year stint in New York City. “Italian places. French places. You name it.” Happily, all the years of dedication and hard work are edible. Milagro’s lunch and dinner menus are packed with wonderful options, some traditional and some wonderfully creative. Take your pick from hearty burritos and salads, entrees like Beer Battered Baja Fish Tacos with habanero slaw and pico de gallo, or maybe the Shrimp on Tequila, or perhaps the Mole Poblano, which is a beautifully-done half chicken with chocolate-infused chili sauce. In addition to the main menu, Milagro offers numerous specials seven days a week.

Located in downtown Stonington, a short stroll from the water’s edge, Milagro Café has a secret weapon beyond wonderful food: the margarita menu. With their infused tequilas, simple syrups, and freshly squeezed juices, it’s impossible to pass up any number of their concoctions. Try their House Margarita, made from silver tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime and OJ, or their Cinnamon & Honey Margarita made from cinnamon tequila, honey, lime and OJ. Incredible.

The space, at 142 Water St., has reopened with expanded seating on the second floor, an open kitchen and  decorative touches throughout, like the striking hand-painted blue and white tiles, stained wooden tables and authentic Mexican artwork. He is undeterred by being owner, manager and chef. “I love food,” he says, “and I’m doing exactly what I’ve always loved to do.” Milagro provides a homey vibe to its patrons, tastefully decorated in Mexican motifs with friendly, knowledgeable wait staff and sociable bartenders. A welcome respite from franchise food, Milagro continues to thrive after many years. “What we do, we do very well,” Zavala says.

A very popular spot for locals and visitors, the key to success at Milagro Café is fresh, delicious authenticity. Started long before taco trucks re-popularized Mexican cuisine, Milagro (which translates to “marvel”) is just that: a flourishing family-owned business that spreads happiness and love with amazing food and genuine friendliness.

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