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Midsummer Men’s Soirée

The summer months can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to men’s wear.  It seems that while obligations are plentiful – weddings, work, parties, and fundraisers – the options for attire are scarce.  This is not the case – especially at New Haven’s Ferrucci, Ltd. Proudly celebrating fifty years of business, the clothier is one of the community’s most long-standing boutiques.

     With its fine selection of dark, well-tailored suits for any summer occasion, Ferrucci, Ltd. is the place to shop this season.  For black tie events, the tuxedo, also known as the dinner suit, provides a stylish, classic look guaranteed to always turns heads.  And though it also comes in various shades of navy, grey, and red, black stands as the most enduring of styles. As for the cloth, a lightweight superfine wool is perfect for June through September.  Ferrucci’s modern styled tux is also available with a technical wool stretch cloth. These high-end fabrics provide both the coat and pants with a perfect amount of give for flexible, comfortable movement.

     For those seeking a greater color contrast, swap out the dark jacket for a white one with a shawl lapel.  This cool, elegant look is as summery as it gets.

     As for accessories, Ferrucci’s offers some tasteful neckwear to complement not only your suit choice, but your plus one.  Check out their fine selection of bow or foulard ties that come in various styles and colors.

     For those less formal events dubbed “black tie optional” or “semi-formal,” a bright navy blazer with separate pants is a nice look.  The jackets, many of which are styled with interior zippered pockets for one’s personal effects, are often half-lined to provide the wearer an airy and breathable feel.  As for the pants, nearly any shade or pattern will enhance the jacket. The same goes for the shirt and optional tie. And for a little extra dash of class and elegance, augment this look with a clean white linen square for the breast pocket of the dinner jacket, or perhaps a colored one to match the tie.

     To learn more about the styles, sizes, and selections at Ferrucci, Ltd., go to their website at www.ferrucciltd.com and visit their New Haven location at 53 Elm Street.

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