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The Old Soul of New Preston

The Old Soul of New Preston


A hidden Connecticut village with a timeless air

Even the kinesis and vivid sweep of the Connecticut coast can become routine. When your own gorgeous surroundings grow stale, a change of scenery is a fine and fast-acting remedy.

Combating a spell of tedium, I pointed my car deep into Litchfield County. Here you find terrain that blooms and withers each year, and yet radiates a comforting sylvan permanence. Far as that goes, it’s like the rest of New England. But as you move along, imperceptibly, the landscape transforms until you arrive at an enchanted spot.

WNEKphoto_2016-01-03_CoastCT_NewPreston_222New Preston, Connecticut is a postage stamp-sized town seated among other hamlets adjoining Lake Waramaug, in a land that overdevelopment forgot. Oblique valleys, numinous forests, and countrified vistas abound here. Norman Rockwell might have imagined the town center, but there’s no denying the Paul Klee vibe. It has an off-the-grid quality that many places aspire to, but few really deliver.

This part of Connecticut can’t be called undiscovered. Native Americans first came here about 10,000 years ago, setting up seasonal camps around Lake Waramaug. That come-and-go pattern was well suited to the area, as it turns out. Just ask the stream of urbane style makers who still do so year after year.

Affluent (and just plain fortunate) folks around the region have long enjoyed the comely village of New Preston and nearby towns. It’s a rustic yet sophisticated slice of paradise, somewhere along the road less taken. Perfect for a soul recharge.

Every picture tells a story—and each one is worth 1,000 words—so we’ll let pictures tell the story of New Preston, revealing its old soul and new delights.

Photographs by Peter Wnek


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