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A peaceful, insightful, meaningful environment

For many of us, the holiday season equals the season of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of the 5,000-year-old, ancient design idea of Feng shui, there are simple ways that we can reboot our inner workings and set out on the path to a less stressful, more enjoyable holiday season.

Feng shui is design focused on positive energy flow. Stress is negative energy, which we need to replace with good chi (peaceful energy). One way to achieve this is to create a harmoniously designed interior. By promoting health and wellness in our homes, we will be creating a peaceful sanctuary for ourselves, as well as a welcoming respite for visitors.

Literally translated, Feng shui means wind-water. It uses five forms of nature; earth, fire, water, wood and metal as decorating ideals and focuses on positioning and geographical location to create and promote good chi.

“Feng shui is the ancient Chinese Art of Placement and Design based on wisdom and observation with principles, remedies and actions for creating health, harmony and prosperity,” explained Lurrae Lupone, author, MEd, Certified Feng shui Consultant and CiPP.

Taking the first step to designing your own personal home oasis is; de-clutter! This is one of the most important aspects of creating peace in your home, explained author, psychotherapist, MS, LMFT and certified Feng shui designer Elaine Bentley Baughn. She also suggests under decorating.

“Under decorating rather than over decorating is consistent with Feng shui. And, decorate with intention. Don’t just put up decorations. Put them up to honor a memory or person. Think to yourself, ‘why am I putting this here’. Intention is a large aspect of Feng Shui design,” said Bentley Baughn.

She explained that creating a gentle, meandering flow to your space will help with the creation of chi energy. “Make it easy for people to move around your space and connect with one another. Physically connecting will lead to emotional connecting, which is our goal during the holidays.”

Lupone explained that traditional holiday practices of decorating with accent lights, wreaths, bows and bells are in total alignment with Feng shui principles.

“Using red for bows on the front door is the best color to invite more beneficial chi into spaces,” said Lupone. “Bells are a metaphor for cheerful sounds, scents and spices for sensory delight, and to lift the spirit, create and decorate a virtual, or imaginary, pathway to your front door. It swiftly directs the ‘chi flow’ to your interior.”

Lupone also talked about focal points, whether it is a Christmas tree, menorah, fireplace, dining room table, or comfy couch. She said to highlight the chi path to each, imbued with the feelings and energy you want to attract.

So enjoy the holidays this year, and your harmonious home! Decorating with positive chi in mind and create a peaceful, insightful meaningful environment in which you can relax, recharge and re-engage with loved ones.

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