1. Keep plenty of fresh drinking water available. Pup’s gonna get thirsty!
  2. Walk your dog to make sure he does his business before boarding.
  3. Give your pal a chance to get used to wearing the life jacket before getting on board.
  4. Give your dog a chance to get familiar with the boat before you take off.
  5. Have your dog practice swimming in the life jacket before the first big outing!
  6. Protect their paws. Dogs absorb heat through their feet, and boat surfaces can get hot in the sun.
  7. If fishing, keep lures, bait, and hooks safely stored and out of reach from your dog.
  8. Provide a shaded area. Excessive exposure to the sun isn’t good for animals.
  9. Keep your first outing short, so your dog can get used to the boat’s movement.
  10. Don’t forget the treats and toys. This will help your dog understand the boat is a safe place.