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Poem: The Mystic River

Written alongside the Mystic River, Mystic, CT

The slow current of the river
Is a balm for the overworked mind.

Watching the continuous flow
Of the ripples,

My eyes sliding out of focus
As the din of the day is drowned.

The scene seeps all stresses from me
Carrying them away

Down towards the bridge.

L.M. Browning (aka Leslie Browning) is the author of numerous award-winning poetry titles including Oak Wise and Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity. Balancing her passion for writing with her love of education and publishing, Browning is a graduate of the University of London and a Fellow with the League of Conservationist Writers. She is Partner at Hiraeth Press, Founder of The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature, and in 2011, Browning opened Homebound Publications—a rising independent publishing house based in New England. She currently divides her time between her home in Connecticut and her work in Boston.

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