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Against the Tide: Michel Boissy – RIPE Here in New Haven

Back in 2009 when Michel Boissy and his partner at the time conceived the idea for RIPE, his flourishing Cold-Pressed, High Pressure Craft Juicery out of New Haven, CT, he knew it had to transcend a perfect product with perfect marketability. His notion, which remains as intact today as ever, was to define the next level of fresh juice in American and create a brand entrenched in meaningful values that any consumer would appreciate. Easier said than done! Yet Boissy seems to have pulled off such a feat. As for those values, they are simple: complete and absolute transparency.

“We want our customers to be aware of everything we’re doing,” Boissy says. “There’s an exciting process involved in what we do and we’re eager to share it. What we’re doing is extracting 100% traceable fruit from Global GAP certified growers we know by name.

There’s more to it of course. And much of it involves science. Given Boissy’s background as a mechanical engineer, this makes his title of CEO and Founder of RIPE that much more fitting.

“I also have a lot of years logged as a chef,” adds Boissy. “So I combined my love of natural food and my knowledge of science – and RIPE was born.”

Tired of what he saw as over-processed foods and beverages from faceless companies, Boissy conceived the idea for RIPE out of what he calls necessity. And if his values involve transparency, then his focus involves taste. With bar juices like Bajan (pronounced Bay-Gin) Punch, Agave Margarita, and San Marzano Bloody Mary, any cocktail is certain to be transformed into something above and beyond the ordinary. As for their delicious craft juices, they are a cold-pressed take on the juices we all know and love but as fresh as they can be and full of 100% of the source fruit nutrition – Costa Rican Pineapple, Whole Milled Cranberry Apple, Founder’s Blend O.J. to name a few – they are as refreshing and flavorful as they are all-natural.

“One of our aims at RIPE is to be the craft beer of the juice world,” Boissy says from his vertically integrated 30 thousand square foot home base plant in New Haven. “We’re entirely devoted to creating something that has really never existed before.”

RIPE has managed to more than live up to its hype. It is, quite literally, a pristine product. Besting its competitors in countless ways, RIPE doesn’t simply posit that it’s made fresh or organic or without preservatives; it goes a step further by encouraging its customers to become involved in the juice making process. This harkens back to Boissy’s notion of transparency and 100% traceability.

“We want customers to know who grew the fruit that is now the juice they’re drinking,” he says. “Who grew it. Where it was grown. Even its variety. They can learn all of that. And we encourage them to do so.” By plugging the date code in on our website.

To listen to Boissy discuss his venture, vacillating between the pseudo-complicated science of things, and the sheer exultation on fresh, straight-from-the-source taste, one will no doubt find themselves equally excited.  Yes, it’s just juice! But the passion and ingenuity that exists at the core of RIPE translates to something truly special. This is a company that not only thrives on doing what it says it’s going to do, but that follows its very principles like gung-ho soldiers of peace! It might be fitting, then, that their website proclaims “We’re starting a juice REVOLUTION!”

And this revolution might be taking Boissy and RIPE all the way to the west coast where talks have begun about a possible new location.

“We’ll see,” he muses. “We have wonderful relationships with our local growers here in Connecticut but source 100% traceable citrus and other amazing fruits and vegetables from valued family growers form all over north America.  It’s those types of legit relationships that are integral to what we do here at RIPE. And we offer that to every one of our customers in every sale we make.”

Visit www.drinkripe.com to learn more about RIPE’s story and products.

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