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Georgia Caroline Milton & Ruba Ruba Fashion

Georgia Caroline Milton is back in Connecticut and she is bringing her high-end fashion company, RUBA RUBA with her! Georgia is launching a long term pop-up stop and studio showcasing her timeless, easy to wear clothing line in Chester (where Ceramica used to be) and she is looking forward to meeting and mingling with the community of artists at large there.

“I am here until January so it’s a long term pop up shop,” says Georgia. “And throughout my time here I want to be very interactive, that is why I am including the studio, so you can see who, what and where the designs are being made; you can really experience of the entire process right in front of you while you shop.”

When asked why she chose Chester as her [temporary] base, Georgia says it’s the community that attracted her.

“Chester has a small, artistic community feel to it. There are a lot of creative people here so it’s very inspirational. I have worked closely with a few people in the past and being in the same community as them is great. For example, the owner of Blackkat Leather makes everything himself and his craftsmanship is beautiful. People here are very accepting of unique ideas. I’ve done a lot of pop up shops here, one at Now Harvest Moon in town. For that event, we did a pop – up style fashion show outside her door in the street. It was fun way to interact with the town.”

Georgia has recently relocated from Baltimore, Maryland where she graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a degree in Experimental Fashion and Fibers. Her design company, RUBA RUBA (named after her cat), is a reflection of her desire to make fashion less “disposable,” as she puts it, and instead, “hand made with intention.”

“A lot of what I create is based on issues I have with clothing,” says Georgia. “When I used to buy scarves, I would get frustrated by the cheap quality, cheap looking fabrics and the unsophisticated draping – I couldn’t stand it. Because of that frustration, I created my own design, the ‘Bandana Cowl Scarf’ with a genuine leather neckband, which takes the fuss out of wearing. You literally throw it over your head and run out the door, and for the body of the scarf, I always use quality fabrics and custom draping.”

Her idea of “hand made with intention” goes back to the love she puts into every garment she creates, her attention to detail. With her Jeanie Kimono Jackets (named after her grandmother), she makes sure to cover every seam and she lines them with jersey or silk so “the inside feels as good as the outside.” With her Bridgette Halter Crop Top, she lines each one with a soft jersey or stretchy cotton to create support without fuss.

“Online shopping is great,” she says. “But you can’t touch the clothing. It’s so much better when you can see it and touch it in person, you can really feel the quality.”

Her favorite fabrics to work with are cotton, linen, silk, and wool. She loves to work in muted tones, sage greens, neutrals, and blush. Her style has a very open feel to it, slightly nautical, airy, and very chic.

And yes, she does make clothing for men. Her boyfriend, Ryan, says he often wears a ‘Bandana Cowl Scarf’ and it feels incredibly comfortable, and he attracts a plethora of compliments whenever he has it on.

“The colors are more gray and masculine – all with a textured feel,” Georgia says.

For right now, it is her and her alone that is producing the clothing, but she does have help. Her RUBA RUBA Squad has come to the rescue!

Her family is very involved in the business. Her brother, Hunter, does all of her signage and helps with the merchandising, while her dad builds everything for the store and studio.

Georgia says she is grateful to have the support of so many around her.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” says Georgia. “I refer to everyone who helps me, including my friends and family, as the RUBA RUBA Squad! Even the models and volunteers have stayed with me throughout my journey and have been so supportive. I have such a great group of people and friends cheering me on, helping me and they are there whenever I need them. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of their enthusiasm and support.”

RUBA RUBA will be having events throughout the fall season, so follow her on social media (@rubarubadesigns) and check out the store in downtown Chester to stay updated!


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