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Safe Keeping never Sounded so Good #THTSMB

The House that Social Media Built is almost finished. In todays tech-savvy MAD house Mike Riccio and Nicole White installed a wireless security system because you cannot be too safe when it comes to your home. Imagine remotely being able to control everything – your climate, sprinkler irrigation system, sound controls, appliances, and security. All while you are on vacation. “It is our commitment to providing a safe and secure home,” says Nicole White. “We chose the ‘2GIG wireless system’ with remote monitoring. This system gives you access to the house anywhere through your phone!”

“We have been keeping New England and the Tri-State area safe for over 20 years,” says Ralph Campochiaro, owner of Maximum Sound & Security. “This team has been ensuring Connecticut and the shoreline with a whole new sense of safety.”

Offering the most up to date residential and commercial options for security, surveillance, automation, audio, video definitely gives them an edge, along with hands on customer support and attention to every detail. They will also work with homeowners not just builders.

The House that Social Media Built chose Maximum Sound and Security because they have some of  the best brand names for your home. The buyer of the MAD House will also have the ability to hook up a centralized audio system. They can retrofit any system into a existing house. You will be on your way to a “sound” and “secure” state of mind in no time!

Tunes can come from any type of equipment: a stereo, iPod, MP3, computer, television, or from a music server. The result is more spacious and robust sound with conventional in-ceiling speakers.

“Ralph Campochiaro and the Maximum Sound & Security team have some pretty killer home theater options to boot!” says Nicole.

When you go to a theater, the quality of sound can determine how much you enjoy the entire experience. With a home theater sound system, various parts of the soundtrack come from different places surrounding you. You hear it better and you FEEL the movie… All while you’re in the comfort and convenience of your home.

“The future is now,” says Ralph. “Every aspect of our technology, infrastructure and operations is multi-redundant to work faultlessly and assures error-free, uninterrupted service.”

The MAD House went through both pre and post construction work with Maximum Security Sound and Security. “They did a great job with the installation from the very beginning.” says Mike. With a professional and knowledgeable staff you won’t need to find anyone else.

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