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New Keratin Treatment is Salon Pure Magic

This year, for Lauren Graybill, the forecast is especially beautiful. “I worked a long time to make this dream come true,” she says, referring to Salon Pure, the hair studio that she opened in Old Lyme, Connecticut in 2012. This has been her fifth-year creating chic styles and lustrous hair therapies for a diverse, demanding clientele.

Graybill came from Philadelphia with a goal. “I wanted to make a salon committed to high-quality hair care, using and selling high-end products.” There are eight stylists at Salon Pure, including Graybill, who bring over 20 years of experience to the chairs.

“We’re never done learning,” she says. “We invite master stylists from Goldwell and Moroccanoil to the shop to teach us new techniques, new trends. We go to school in New York, and I make sure I get to the international conferences like Color Zoom.”

There’s always something new and challenging going on—from the subtle gradation of color called “balayage” to a faux Mohawk cut suitable for an active (and trendy) boy of 8. Graybill and her stylists stay on top of what’s new and edgy.

Keratin Renewal

An experienced stylist knows that cut-and-color and everyday wear puts a great deal of stress on hair. For this reason, Graybill has introduced an innovative new Keratin Treatment at Salon Pure that has people buzzing about amazing results.

“Healthy hair is important,” says Graybill. “Over-washing, sun exposure, wind, even what we eat all take their toll.” She recommends repairing the damage with keratin, a strong natural protein which is already the main structural constituent of our hair, skin, and teeth. “What happens when hair gets frizzy,” she explains, “is that a single strand of hair frays into several strands—you know, split ends—and the keratin seals them together, heals them.”

The Keratin Treatment takes hours, but the result is smooth, beautiful, healthy hair, strong and resistant to blow dryers and environmental damage. It’s a transformative treatment.

April celebrates the 5-year anniversary of Salon Pure, but it also ushers in beach season with its hot sun and saltwater. Graybill and her staff are ready to transform weathered hair into cascades of silky tresses, on the east bank of the mouth of the Connecticut River in historic Old Lyme, CT.

Salon Pure

11 Halls Rd.

Old Lyme, CT 06371

Phone: (860) 598-9032

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