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Serenity By the Sea: Great Spas of the Shoreline


We at Coastal Connecticut magazine wrap our arms around new ideas. With that in mind, we invite you to think beyond the concept of a typical massage or “spa day” and embrace alternative therapies. Luxurious spas along the shoreline can expand your mind with new experiences and ways of relaxation. Have you ever tried a water tank, or swathed yourself in kelp from the sea? How about realigning your inner energy with reiki? Possessing almost mystical properties, these amazing therapies are said to rejuvenate the body and replenish the spirit.

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa (Old Saybrook) has a plethora of wonderful options for absorbing the organics of our coastline. One to try is the Ocean Memory, a marine based treatment that taps the sea’s restorative nature. The full eighty minutes of it is heaven. They also offer a detoxifying body wrap that will make your body feel totally cleansed and revitalized after leaving.

Visit www.saybrook.com to get an idea of all that’s in store.

Vitality Spa & Wellness (Old Lyme) has a wide variety of alternative spa treatments and therapies for adventurous thinkers, from therapeutic massage to the power of yoga. Qi Gong, the art of healing and energy enhancement through breathing, is something to definitely check out. There are also a wonderful blend of Chiropractic options including Traction, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), and The Thompson Method. They also offer health and wellness consultations, and reflexology. Vitality is an oasis to explore. Visit www.vitalityspa.com for more information. It has a complete listing of packages and therapies, as well as booking options.

The Spa of Essex (Essex) has one of the shoreline’s most comprehensive offerings of energy and alternative therapies. Among these are Craniosacral Therapy (light touch to the head, neck and spine); Reflexology (application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques); and Reiki (channeling energy with hand placement). The spa’s innovative somatic therapy is a reiki-like treatment involves no touching at times, conveying healing vibrations and movements. Bodywork (which does involve touch) can be integrated for deeper even relaxation.

To learn more, head over to www.thespaofessex.com to see a list of their innovative therapies.

Surrender to the Float (Guilford) may be the most extraordinary alternative therapy we have encountered, and we’re hooked! By floating in pristine water maintained at average skin temperature (93.5° F), stress is melted away in a weightless world. The “float room” is sound proof, and can be made completely dark if you like. This treatment promises complete relaxation and deep meditation. It’s an incredible way to get some one-on-one time—with yourself.

Details can be found at www.letitfloat.com.

We hope you try some of these remarkable alternative ways to relax your mind, body, and spirit. You need only be open to new healing experiences to start spring refreshed and serene.

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