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Shoreline Online Libraries

No longer simply repositories for books, shoreline libraries now offer adults and children alike everything from instruction on the use of cutting-edge technology to classes fitting virtually any interest.

“Libraries have always been about books, learning, and providing citizens in communities with the opportunity to better themselves,” says Karen Jensen, Director of the Blackstone Memorial Library. “Today, people of all generations still value the experience of browsing through physical books and visiting the library for programs and social interaction.”

Rather than being the enemy of libraries, the Internet makes it easier to keep pace with the tremendous amount of new technologies, activities, and classes popping up in area libraries. Each local library maintains its own site where a wealth of useful and interesting information can be found.

Curious parties can watch the Blackstone Memorial Library’s amazing 3D printer in action as it crafts a medallion of the library’s logo. The Blackstone Library’s Teen Program calendar is also bursting with exciting events, including a showdown between books and the movies adapted from them.

Meanwhile, the Guilford Public Library has their own 3D Printer to show off, and those interested in learning how to use it can find a great deal of information the library’s 3D Printing Program online. The Guilford Library also has a popular library book club for adults.

The Westbrook Library and the Scranton Free Library have some of their own amazing events coming up. On June 27, Westbrook will hold an interactive “Heroes of the Animal Kingdom” program that will bring live animals into the library, while Scranton will hold both a cupcake decorating workshop as well as a comic workshop with an award-winning illustrator later this month. Check out their Events pages.

No matter what one’s interest or occupation may be, local libraries offer countless benefits stretching far beyond their cache of books. Vital information and education on everything from digital devices to arts and literature can be found online.

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