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Poem: Stones

Poem: Stones »

By: David K. Leff

Pebbles are miraculous. —Josef Albers Something in sea-smoothed stones longs for my hand— restless ocean offspring absorbing stress like heat, like... more

Poem: Night Walk

Poem: Night Walk »

By: David K. Leff

  Night is a well-worn coat I slip into, wooly-plush and thick. There’s a viscosity and weight to the dark which feels as if it could be grasped... more

Poem: In the Cemetery of Dreams

Poem: In the Cemetery of Dreams »

By: David K. Leff

  Half its panels missing, the giant screen framed in rusting skeletal steel faces an audience of autumn olive thickets, tangled bittersweet and... more

Seven People to Watch

Seven People to Watch »

By: John Gaffney

The seven people gathered here represent nominations from Coastal Connecticut readers as well as our own research. The criteria: Someone who represents the... more