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The New Rules of Retail

The New Rules of Retail »

By: Robin Lewis

As the heart and soul of the Shoreline economy, local retailers have had to keep pace with revolutionary change. In this exclusive excerpt from The New Rules... more

Fiction: Old Gazebos

Fiction: Old Gazebos »

By: Rob Marchese

Summer is finally here. and for Lynn and her family, this means only one thing: time to unwind at their beloved cottage by the sea. With some recent tragedies... more

Gators on the Golf Course

Gators on the Golf Course »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Ed Ricciuti, Coastal Connecticut’s contributing editor for nature, the outdoors and science, has a new book on real urban jungle, the establishment of large,... more

11 Irresistible Beach Reads

11 Irresistible Beach Reads »

By: Staff

The perfect beach read walks the fine line between trash and literature. Well-written, plot-driven, and easy to pay attention to. You won’t find Fifty Shades... more