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The Secret Lives of Coastal Islands

The Secret Lives of Coastal Islands »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Salt Island is a scrap of rock, crested by low vegetation, so close to Middle Beach in Westbrook that people wade to it at low tide. Only a few rotted pilings... more

Yale Storm Study Shocker

Yale Storm Study Shocker »

By: Bob Woods

It’s hurricane season – that time of year when shoreline residents worry about whether the Next Big One is going to hit. It turns out that some of us worry... more

Gators on the Golf Course

Gators on the Golf Course »

By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Ed Ricciuti, Coastal Connecticut’s contributing editor for nature, the outdoors and science, has a new book on real urban jungle, the establishment of large,... more

11 Irresistible Beach Reads

11 Irresistible Beach Reads »

By: Staff

The perfect beach read walks the fine line between trash and literature. Well-written, plot-driven, and easy to pay attention to. You won’t find Fifty Shades... more

Guilford: 375 and Counting

Guilford: 375 and Counting »

By: Kevin Murray

On September 29, 375 years ago, a group of newly arrived Puritans, led by the Rev. Henry Whitfield, sat down in a barn near the Quinnipiac River with the local... more

Books: Ten Best Reads To Keep You Warm This Winter

Books: Ten Best Reads To Keep You Warm This Winter »

By: R. L. Julia

  FICTION The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman Once I finish reading a book I enjoyed, I sort of stroke the cover—as if to tuck it... more