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11 Irresistible Beach Reads

11 Irresistible Beach Reads »

By: Staff

The perfect beach read walks the fine line between trash and literature. Well-written, plot-driven, and easy to pay attention to. You won’t find Fifty Shades... more

The Bee and Thistle

The Bee and Thistle »

By: Fay Abrahamsson

Like the perfect cocktail, the Bee & Thistle Inn has created just the right mix of antique quaintness and modern hospitality in a historic, 1756-era... more

Writers’ Workshops

Writers’ Workshops »

By: Sherri Daley

Maybe it is the memories the change of pace that brings us there the sense of vacation maybe the smell of the place the sights of the gulls, the dunes, the... more

Seven People to Watch

Seven People to Watch »

By: John Gaffney

The seven people gathered here represent nominations from Coastal Connecticut readers as well as our own research. The criteria: Someone who represents the... more

The Last of the Fleet

The Last of the Fleet »

By: Mark Kersteen

While Little Narragansett Bay holds one of Connecticut’s only remain- ing fishing and lobstering fleets, fish and fishermen are still essential to the... more

Robert Stone’s Victory Lap

Robert Stone’s Victory Lap »

By: John Gaffney

When the subject of “best living American novelist” comes up, Robert Stone is on the short list. As long as Philip Roth, Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, and... more

Guilford: 375 and Counting

Guilford: 375 and Counting »

By: Kevin Murray

On September 29, 375 years ago, a group of newly arrived Puritans, led by the Rev. Henry Whitfield, sat down in a barn near the Quinnipiac River with the local... more

2113: A Climate Odyssey

2113: A Climate Odyssey »

By: Bob Woods

While politicians dither and debate over climate change, perpetuating a legislative cage match between science and ideology, the realists at Yale Climate &... more

Fifty Shads of Grey

Fifty Shads of Grey »

By: Staff

At the very moment you are reading this article, hundreds of thousands of American shad are gathering in the salt water at the mouth of the Connecticut River... more

A Growing Buddhist Community in Old Saybrook

A Growing Buddhist Community in Old Saybrook »

By: Sherri Daley

“Breath by breath, let go of fear, expectation, anger, regret, cravings, frustration, fatigue. Let go of the need for approval. Let go of old judgments and... more

Accessories To Buy For

Accessories To Buy For »

By: Susan Dumas

New York Times best-selling author Sloane Crosley had a quote: “In every woman’s wardrobe, there are certain accessories that cannot be separated from... more

A Westbrook Farm Family and the Amazing Milking Devon

A Westbrook Farm Family and the Amazing Milking Devon »

By: Chris Pagliuco

  While crouched over on a wooden, three-legged stool milking his cow, Rosie, Westbrook farmer John Hall tells the story of how his father met his... more