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The House That Social Media Built and a Kick-ass Kitchen and Table

The idea to use a rustic table in their latest Madison, CT refurb project was fortuitous for Nicole White and Mike Riccio, the innovators behind The House That Social Media Built. “We have this gorgeous house with an amazing floor plan that is open and airy,” White says, “and a truss style table from Rustic River Works seemed a great way to maximize the space.”

Central to the design of the home’s chef-style kitchen, the table may figure into White and Riccio’s project. “Mike and Jenny are super cool people that have wildly creative minds,” says White, which is why they chose to use the Spadaro’s for their fourth house restoration of The House That Social Media Built.

Specializing in truss style dining tables circa the late 1800s, Rustic River Works is the brainchild of Jenny and Mike Spadaro. The Spadaros use only premium Doug fir wood from a local lumber yard for their tables, which are built right in Madison, CT. Each piece takes about two weeks to complete, and can be finished in any color from Classic Gray to Puritan Pine. Infusing the spirit of nineteenth century America into their tables, Rustic River Works have always had one main goal in mind: to create an ideal focal point for family gatherings. “It’s where families spend so much of their time,” says Nicole White, referring of course to the kitchen table. “Dinners, holidays, get-togethers. It’s important that the space be not only special, but resilient and attractive.”

Complementing the table is a custom-made banquette designed by Branford’s MN Reale, another local artisan. With creating a more open air concept, along with the chef-style kitchen, every amenity is at the family’s fingertips.

The kitchen cabinets are coming from Cliq Studios. “These cabinets are built with the quality, style, and storage options you’re craving in your kitchen,” say Riccio. This makes for us the quintissential room for gathering. We all can agree the heart of the home is in the kitchen and at the table,” says Mike Riccio.

Remember to visit thehousethatsocialmediabuilt.com, and to look for updates to their exciting social media remodeling projects on Facebook and Instagram.


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