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The House that Social Media Built

Imagine “crowdsourcing” the interior design of select homes; inviting social media friends to vote on the best looks and then see their wishes come to life in real houses. Amazing idea for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), but is anyone doing it?

Yes, and it’s called The House That Social Media Built. It is an ingenious new home renovation venture from Nicole White and Mike Riccio, two real estate professionals from the Connecticut shoreline who have cornered the market on innovation.

The House That Social Media Built combines technology with home restoration, adding in a wonderful interactive component. White is a realtor with William Raveis, and Riccio also has a real estate background. They joined forces behind an idea that is simple and fabulous: buy a shoreline fixer-upper and ask their Instagram and Facebook audiences to vote on different design options. The winning design is implemented to create a handsome “new” home.

The second house that Social Media Built. Located on 11 Bryan Rd, Branford CT 06405

Appealing to tech-savvy buyers and sellers, design enthusiasts and even other real estate pros, it might be the start of a bold new trend in the shelter category. “We’re thrilled with how it’s going,” says White. “It’s amazing to see people take an active role in remodeling homes in their communities.”

The pair has the perfect skillset for this project. Still, getting it off the ground took some convincing. “Mike was a little ambivalent about using a voting system to rehab the houses,” White says. “But he came around and we’ve worked very well together from the beginning. It’s a nice balance. This makes what we do that much more rewarding.”

The Homestead House. Located on 21 Homestead Street, Old Saybook CT

To see chemistry in action, check out the amiable repartee in their Facebook videos.

With tastes grounded in affordable family homes instead of McMansions, White and Riccio have smartly opted to service a growing sector of the market. And as the beautiful photo gallery found on their website shows, they cut no corners when it comes to excellence. Designing the homes themselves, the pair have enlisted an impressive roster of sponsors including Benjamin Moore and Bender Plumbing Supply.

The first house that Social Media Built. Located on 163 Old Boston Post Road, Old Saybook CT

Currently at work on their fourth social media house, White and Riccio have a sunny outlook. “We love what we do,” White says. “It’s fun and exciting and we can’t wait to see what happens with it.”

To learn more about The House That Social Media Built, or to vote on their latest project, visit the website and, of course, see them on Instagram and Facebook.

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