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#THTSMB and The Clamdigger

Has it been a while since you’ve heard from Nicole White and Mike Riccio, the real estate duo extraordinaire? Since their MAD House Reveal party in late August, they want you to know, they are in action and raring to go with their latest project for The House That Social Media Built.

“People might have thought that we went on vacation but we didn’t!” says Nicole. “We were really busy getting ready for the big reveal of this new house and all the behind the scenes stuff.”

The duo was back on their Facebook page in mid-September to leave clues about the location of their next project and then finally revealed that it is Guilford! Which makes Nicole happy because that’s her hometown.

“That’s the most fun part,” says Nicole. “I love being back, it’s my opportunity to show people the hidden gems of the town that not everyone would know about.”

The house is located at 285 Old Whitfield Road and Mike says it’s his favorite location so far.

“It’s a half mile from the beach!” says Mike. “And you can walk to the Green or hop on the train from the nearby station to have dinner in New Haven.”

They returned to their regular Facebook Thursday LIVE appearance last week to announce the winning house name – The Clamdigger.

Steve Uccello, the owner of the Bird Nest Salon & Gallery in town was the winner.

“Steve did a lot of research on this name,” says Nicole. “We were thinking of naming it after the family who had lived in that house for 100 years but we really love the name The Clamdigger!”

The house is named after a daily passenger train that ran on the northeast corridor of the New Haven line for years.

The house has already been gutted right down to the studs and is ready for action.

“It’s not something we normally do,” says Mike. “Even the second floor is gutted. But we intend to really open the house up. It was originally a choppy layout.”

Mike and Nicole have BIG plans for the house.

The Clamdigger is a farmhouse and its original layout included 4 bedrooms and one bathroom. Now with the new design by their architect Dean Zubko, the house will have an open floor plan with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

“We are going to restore the farmhouse feel,” says Mike. “We will open up the front porch and the ceilings are 8 to 10 feet so it will feel very roomy. We are creating a master bedroom suite that will have 12-15 foot ceilings.”

The backyard is nice and flat and private and will be a great backyard for entertaining. Mike says that the landscaping will be done by Torrison Stone and Garden and that they will install some type of patio.

But it’s the kitchen that will determine everything, says Nicole.

“We are still at the beginning stages of this home remodel and people can help us with what direction we are going in by voting,” says Nicole.

This week people will be voting on the kitchen cabinets.

“The cabinets are a huge determining factor in which direction we go from here,” says Nicole. “We are going with trendy colors this time around, not just white cabinets, but navy, grey or green. These are the trends right now but we will see which color our followers choose.”

Voting started already on their Facebook page and will continue every Monday for the next 18 weeks. So don’t forget to vote!

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