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If Walls Could Talk; Door Knobs.

Let’s talk about wall and trim color, real quick.  Traditionally trim is white and the walls have a splash of color, right?

“Not at the MAD House,” says The House that Social Media Built. “This is kick-back, put your feet up, pull up a chair, TV watching, game playing, and spreading out family and friends to hang-out kind of space.”

“The entire house has a feel good design where you keep the color really simple and straightforward.” says Nicole White. “George Civitelli paint expert and store manager from John Boyle Design and Decorating Centers was extremely helpful.”

“What contributes to the comfy and happy vibe? It is the color on the walls!” say Nicole. “We chose Benjamin Moore paint colors.”

“We did the non-traditional for our choices on wall color. Did you ever think how the trim color can influence something as simple as a door knob? Just think, what will work on a gray door throughout the entire house?” says Nicole.

“We meticulously compounded, sanded, painted the new walls and restored the interior of the MAD house to ‘perfect’ condition so the colors would seamlessly work throughout the entire house.” says Nicole. “We followed right behind with a 2-coat paint job of all the wall surfaces with some of my very favorite tried and true paint colors – Simply White, and Galveston Gray for the trim. “It’s the white that works so beautifully with our other design colors.” says Nicole.

“You know, it’s funny – when we emptied the room to paint it – I looked at it in a whole new light. The architecture, even as simple as it is, came forward and I could focus in on all the details.  It was the first time I viewed the potential door knobs in a whole new way – that will hold it all together.” says Mike Riccio. “We chose Emtek door knobs.”

Galveston gray, for the first time is the STAR of the house.  The open space looks so much bigger with white walls and shows off all of its details in gray trim. Mike and Nicole from The House That Social Media Built gave the house a whole new vibe.

So now its up to the vote! “The whole paint project took about a week,” says Mike. “The house is coming together really quick now – with door knobs.”

We like that everything created so far has been with lots of love and care from an active and engaged audience. Surround yourself with what you love and be happy!

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