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Your Modern Cottage

Summer is on Coastal Connecticut’s radar and we’re creating new, fun and exciting content that focuses on a revolution to transform Your home into your own personal dream getaway. Enlisting architect Rick Staub and writer Jen Carmichael, who have created an online community sharing informational dialog that highlights how you can transform and improve your space, into your own sanctuary, fit for your modern life.

This is Your Modern Cottage, an authority on where to go to gather information on inside and outside home design, as being a sounding board for area experts in the field of architecture, home design, interior design and more. This relatable, relevant content will now be accessible on the digital edition of Coastal Connecticut, as well as in our subscriber e-newsletter, and social media outlets making it easy for your to stitch together the perfect array of personal style to create an oasis meant just for you.

“The idea is really that when you think of a cottage you think of a vacation of sorts, a place to rest, relax and recharge and we want to help people make their homes, offices and living spaces into sanctuaries that are uniquely their own,” explained Rick, who co-founded Your Modern Cottage to share insights and ideas on how good design can help people reconnect with what’s important in life.

He proclaims that he is an architect, not a writer, so he has enlisted the help and guidance of Jen, to put her wordsmith shine on his topics of interest and help bring a new perspective of creativity. Together the team has honed their respective expertise supplying useful, engaging, great ideas to those looking for innovation in today’s living styles.

Rick, who is also a founding partner of Point One Architects in Old Lyme, teaches Construction Graphics at Three Rivers Community College. He has a talent for helping others understand design and how to make it their own. He does this through a unique process called Design DNA, that works from his understanding of the roots of design and allows him to approach projects with an empathetic eye, concentrated on the human experience.

Jen is the perfect accent to Rick’s linear perspective and has a passion for writing about trends and topics in architecture and interior design.

“I get a chance to interview top designers and architects, giving them a voice that translates to our readers and offers a variety of different perspectives so people can align themselves with professionals who’s ideas fit their own styles,” says Jen.

Rick explains, that most people buy houses that were built for someone else and they try to make it work for them. We are here to work with people on that journey and find ways to make their homes work for them exclusively,” he says.

This dynamic team’s future goals including the creation of products that will be offered to users to make home improvement and organization easier. They are also working on scheduled round table discussions with experts, that content followers will be welcome to attend and more community outreach.

Currently, Your Modern Cottage is by subscription and changes weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition, there is a quarterly email for subscribers to enjoy. To learn more, go to www.yourmoderncottage.com, and look for them digitally with Coastal Connecticut.

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