Everything happening in the Coastal Connecticut world this week.
Hunting Tiny Sea Monsters
By: Karena Garrity

Chet Reneson In Living Watercolor
By: Edward R. Ricciuti

Fiction: Old Gazebos
By: Rob Marchese

The best of the region’s music, fine art, poetry, and performance.
Holiday Crafts for Kids
By: Lindsay Rizza

Kehler Liddell Gallery
By: Richard Malinsky

Great restaurants, recipes and repast.
Chef Matthew Bouffard of Chamard Vineyard
By: Owen McDonald

Bittersweet Symphony
By: Renée Allen, CSS, CSW, FWS

Places to go, things to see, where to stay.
The best regional activities, from fishing to hiking to sailing.
Al Fresco Style
By: Leslie Singer

At Home in the Connecticut River Valley
By: Adam Pipkin

Finding, furnishing, and decorating the perfect house and garden.
Everything to keep you looking great and feeling even better.