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A Collegial Spirit Uplifts Young Scholars at The Williams School

Small School. Big Impact.

Students in grades 6–12 walk into school listening to history teacher Mr. Emanuel’s daily music selection blaring from the hallway speakers. The school environment, and the style of education prepares them for the rigors of college (and life after) in ways that inspire a love of learning. From southeastern Conncticut to coastal Rhode Island to Fisher’s Island, New York, parents seeking that kind of opportunity are turning to The Williams School for more than state-of-the-art facilities and the finest educators. They are turning to The Williams School for a philosophy.

Located on the campus of Connecticut College in New London, The Williams School has nurtured the college-bound for over 125 years. The school’s stated mission is “… to foster the intellectual, moral, aesthetic, and physical development of young women and men in preparation for college, a lifetime of learning, and active participation in a changing society.” As much as times change, this kind of wisdom never goes out of style.

The rare advantage of being located right on a college campus plays a distinctive role in the philosophy of learning at The Williams School. The enthusiasm of the campus energizes young scholars, and with guidance of Williams’ strong team of college counselors, helps them plan their own future. It is a wonderful setting where motivated young people from a broad range of backgrounds discover who they are.

The Williams School is based on the simple belief that respect, integrity, self-disci- pline and a high level of motivation can be learned. From arts to athletics to purely academic pursuits, this unique institution celebrates and instills these ideals.

For mor information visit williamsschool.org

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