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Picnic Pointers With Summer Sizzle

Picnic Pointers With Summer Sizzle »

By: Leslie Singer

Local celebrity chefs gear up for culinary outings Be it the gear, the food, or the location, picnics are all about personal style. Whether it's the beach,... more

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers »

By: Leslie Singer

Edible Flowers The Lotus Eaters were way ahead of the gourmet curve It's said that scent is the most powerful of the five major senses. Like clean... more

Al Fresco Style

Al Fresco Style »

By: Leslie Singer

Coastline shops hold surprises for every al fresco host Photography by Susie Cushner. Stylist, Diana Hartman Gathering with friends and lingering for... more

The Bibliophile’s Friend

The Bibliophile’s Friend »

By: Leslie Singer

Fashionable, practical gear for coastal bookworms Personal partialities are intrinsic to happiness. This applies across a wide range, from how we like our... more

Wheels of Controversy: Food Trucks Square Off

Wheels of Controversy: Food Trucks Square Off »

By: Leslie Singer

Food trucks have proliferated in Madison, CT—and everywhere else. But is this a boon to small business or a community eyesore? People are divided. We took to... more