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Poem: In The Absence of Yellow Sea Glass

Poem: In The Absence of Yellow Sea Glass »

By: Maelina Frattaroli

  I As a family, we followed the tide To Clara’s beach, Two weeks before The next chemical wave Would block the flow And swallow her... more

Poem: This Clove of Land

Poem: This Clove of Land »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  offers its shamrock luck to the awaiting shoreline; chartreuse and zaffer pigments blend from happy accidents— sable canyons open like a... more

Poem: Siesta

Poem: Siesta »

By: Amy Nawrocki

For many days rain fell in thirsty gulps. Following a long absence, the sun returned, weary from the long rest, waiting for the good wine of the... more

Poem: Guided Tour

Poem: Guided Tour »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  Memorize a few loose-leaf pages, note important dates with precision. Mention the children by name and explain the heritage of the highboy in the... more

Poem: Fleece of Goldenrod

Poem: Fleece of Goldenrod »

By: Amy Nawrocki

  If there’s sense to be made it’s to be made from the loose changes rattling around my pocket. The lint of the day floats quietly to the... more

Poem: Returning

Poem: Returning »

By: David K. Leff

  Driven to seasonal frenzy, alewives return year after year in hopeful frustration to the half-ruined concrete dam that once turned turbines and... more

Poem: Memento Mori

Poem: Memento Mori »

By: David K. Leff

  Among aisles of stones like file tabs of worn out lives are clockwork reminders of foreshortened time where every step seems a miracle. We fret... more

Poem: Last Night

Poem: Last Night »

By: David K. Leff

  Water shines like a time-darkened mirror gathering the last shimmering glimmers of day as light leaks over the horizon into a river grown brighter... more

Poem: Beachcombing

Poem: Beachcombing »

By: David K. Leff

Beachcombers are what they find, fragments of random striving and longing, lookouts for the hit-or-miss gamble of seeing something others have overlooked in... more

Poem: Simplicity

Poem: Simplicity »

By: L. M. Browning

There are days when Life is complex And I require some answer To the hows and whys That surround the mysterious forces At work in my life. And still... more

Poem: Deep Notes, Quick Pace

Poem: Deep Notes, Quick Pace »

By: L. M. Browning

  The despairing beauty of the music Causes us to lament life as we live it. The capture and loss of the moment —The bittersweet quality Of... more

Poem: Choices Scarcely Recalled

Poem: Choices Scarcely Recalled »

By: L. M. Browning

  The dark molasses passing of time During those days when I cannot recall What I have achieved And can think of nothing else I am tempted to... more

Poem: My Religion Is New England

Poem: My Religion Is New England »

By: L. M. Browning

My feast days come When the apples are ripe And the blueberries Hang heavy with juice. My communal wine Is the crisp salty liquor sipped From the... more

Poem: Lament of the Wayfarer

Poem: Lament of the Wayfarer »

By: Leslie Browning

  When the day comes And I at last clear this dense wood, I shall meet you on the other side. When the day comes And my path comes back to the... more